Marlins vs. Cardinals Game 1 postgame thoughts

A perfect day for Marlins fans. Hanley apologized to Fredi Gonzalez and he exploded with three hits on the day.  5-1 the score on a Marlins win.  Uggla and Maybin hit HRS as soon as Tona La Russa took out Jaime Garcia out of the game after just five innings. This win gives our Marlins a 2 game winning streak heading into game 2 aainst the cardinals.

Marlins vs. Cardinals game 1 pregame thoughts

It’s B.C.B.M with my thoughts about tonight’s game.  Anibal Sanchez vs. what some people ay is a talented southpaw.Pitching=Cardinals The reason for this is because against top teams Anibal Sanchez has pitched below average.Hanley is most likely going to be out of the lineup while the rest of the marlins lineup has to face a talented lefty.Batting=Cardinals

Gaby Sanchez has proven to show his progress on first base as a fielder.  Also Brett Hayes has already shown outstanding progress at home plate.  Fielding=Marlins


Possible outcomes=Cardinals 7 Marlins 4

                              Cardinals 2 Marlins 6


Whassup marlin fans! anyway everyone in baseball knows about the Ramirez/Gonzalez feud  that has recently arose. so im asking everyone whose side ar you on RAMIREZ or GONZALEZ

Personally i go with ramirez. lets face it ramirez has been s productive besides he was injured what do u expect from an injured player?


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